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Earlier this year, we published a blog about the challenges and opportunities we discovered as marketers in 2020. The pandemic forced businesses to think outside the box. Smart businesses seized the moment and connected to their customers in new ways, and others couldn’t hit the mark and fell by the wayside.

As the world slowly emerges out of the pandemic, it may feel like change is afoot. However, in regards to marketing, business as is not as usual. One of our biggest takeaways? While the relationship between a business and a consumer has always been important, now, it’s everything.

Advertising makes a promise, then it’s up to the product or service to deliver on it. When trust is built, it is rewarded. When trust is lost, especially in a virtual environment, the options to go elsewhere are nearly endless. Which leads us to our next point: Your product or service might be great, but your values must be, too.

In a time of heightened social unrest, consumers not only consider price and convenience, but also sustainability and social responsibility. Even in a post-pandemic world, consumers will remain loyal to brands they feel mirror their own values. This is called “Value-Based Marketing,” and is a key marketing trend for 2021.

The expectation of trust exists in both in-person and virtual interactions, which will remain a large part of how people do business even after the pandemic. Although shopping at physical stores may pick up once restrictions are lifted, e-commerce has changed the retail industry forever.

Now more than ever, marketing is crucial. It allows businesses to create and maintain long-lasting relationships with their audiences. If you’re looking to discuss your marketing needs, we’re ready when you are.