Meet the MH Media Team

We're storytellers. We tell stories in creative ways. In strategic, social, and even analytical ways. We create brands and we foster them.

Most importantly, we make connections. Connecting the right message with your target audience, connecting your solution with their pain point, and connecting your business goals with the desired results. So, let's start making connections, and watch your business grow.

Michael has built a career creating content, leading teams, and solving marketing challenges for companies at all levels. He is an industry leader, marketing columnist, lecturer, and award winner for industry and community leadership. His team focuses on the client first, then the target audience asking tough questions and finding solutions.

John is a 25-year small business owner, operator, and consultant. Specializing in the hospitality field, John brings a wealth of expertise in small business problems and solutions. He is also recognized in the world of community partnership. John works with clients developing their business growth strategies through marketing.

A skilled Creative Director with 10 years of experience, Catherine is responsible for concept, design and execution for our clients across print, broadcast, promotional and digital media. She has a passion for strategic thinking and producing measurable results.  Catherine is Google Adwords Certified and manages organic and paid social media for our clients.

Tom Barnes is a pioneer in the field of strategic quantitative marketing, digital development, and media analysis. His clients have included media companies, software companies, design firms, marketing research firms, consumer products and professional services firms. Tom has written extensively on forecasting for the media.

 M.B. is an award-winning artist, photo stylist, and event planner, bringing over 25 years of experience to MHMS. She has worked on major motion picture releases, national television commercials, and events like Farm Aid and The HFStival. M.B. brings enthusiasm to MHMS events, photo shoots, and video productions to get exactly what we need for a great end product.

Dan Sadler

Director of Video Operations

Dan comes joins the MHMS team as an experienced videographer and cinematographer. He is in charge of the development and production of commercials and promotional videos for television, web and social. Dan works with the Creative Department on compelling creative development across all platforms.

Chelsea is an organizational mastermind. She keeps us on task, on time, and proactive to our clients' needs. Chelsea comes to us from Patient Safety USA where she led the Marketing Department for a health care technology firm and was the project lead. You will most likely hear from Chelsea at some point, if not often, throughout our work on various projects.