Best Practices

Best Practices

best-practices-cartoonThe world of marketing and advertising is cluttered with clichés….Our mission to stay far, far away from the obvious.  The easy route.  Then I got to thinking about another cliché….Best Practices.  Then phrases like Paradigm Shift, Thinking Out of the Box, and Mission Critical came to mind.  Screw clichés.  Screw best practices.  Heather Bussing recently wrote: “Creativity thrives in wide open spaces and impossible constraints. Best practices are all about playing it safe and avoiding risk, failure, and conflict.  You can’t have it both ways.

Best practices are about policies and rules. All you get with policies and rules is more policies and rules.  Then someone has to enforce the policies and rules. Then there has to be procedures for people who ignore or break the rules.  Then pretty soon, work becomes all about the procedures and rules.  And that sucks.”  If you want to model your business’ marketing after someone who does it well and just be a follower, have at it. If you want to be a follower, we choose not to participate.

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